Hey !

I decided to join the many internet-savvy people and start blogging ! I have read many accounts of FAI and the process of diagnosis, surgery and recovery. This will be my record of the entire process and I will be extremely honest about how it affects my mental and physical state. Others will be googling when they find out they have the same diagnosis and support seems to be the thing missing.
My diagnosis (right hip)-
- cam-type FAI and pincer-type
- partial detachment of the anterior/superior labrum (tear)
- fraying along the articular margin of the superior labrum with minimal partial detachment
- chondral softening along the superior acetabular rim manifested by low signal in the cartlidge (no clue what that means !)
- mild chrondral surface irregularity
- chondral softening involving adjacent superior femoral head
- physiologic joint fluid
- insertional tendinosis of the right gluteus minimus

My left hip is almost the same but says complete detachment and no fluid reported.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Just another Monday ...

I have decided that I am taking a break from the blog. I wanted to get in here an update sooner but to be honest there are just some people I don"t want knowing how I am or what I am going through. Since my surgery I have been through hell and back but finally feel able to stand on my own 2 feet and carry on with my life ... that is until the next one. Maybe at that time I will revist the site and start an entirely new one.
It has been probably the longest and most trying year I have ever had. Between my kidney, my spinal arthritis, my hip and the quite possibly worst relationship I have ever been in, I know I have another rough year ahead if I make the decision to go through it. Looking at the parathyroid, the remaining kidney stones and then my other hip I just know that I need another approach. I love thinking clearly and now feeling like myself again. I can deal with pain. So I definitely will take a break for the next few months and see where I can go with this.

Who knows what lies ahead. I do know though that I am going back to focusing on myself and the kids. I only want good things in my life right now, not things that make me look back with regret or sadness. My confidence level is back and I like that I don't feel mentally weak anymore. Now that all the bad things have passed I can move ahead. It's a new year so time to make some new changes. Thanks to anyone that still read after all this time and showed genuine concern for me. I don't think I would have been the same without this site.


  1. Good luck Erin... from a distance the on off thing with Rob doesn't seen to help you. How's your hip?

  2. Don't forget that your Uncle Joel lives nearby and would do anything he can to help out... or at least give you support... We all love ya!

    Uncle Gregg